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Why Hire A Lawn Treatment Service

Why Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

Anyone who takes pride in their lawn makes it a point to fertilize. You might be wondering why a lush lawn requires such attention to detail, and the answer is hidden in soil. Throughout the growing season, your grass soaks up important nutrients from the soil that surrounds it. These nutrients are divided into two main categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. Soil with healthy pH levels naturally provides essential micronutrients, but it lacks important macronutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. The only way to maintain a healthy lawn is to replenish these nutrients, and that happens through our lawn fertilizer services. Whether you’re looking for lawn treatment services for your residential or commercial lawns, our lawn care experts find the most sustainable and effective ways to get rid of weeds, fast.

How Does Green Stuff Use Fertilizer Services to Care for Lush Lawns?

As your local lawn fertilizer business, we know Wisconsin soil. We use the right fertilizer to infuse missing nutrients into the soil, providing nourishment for grass roots. Applying fertilizer helps a lawn thrive, so long as it contains the correct ratio of macronutrients. The process is a delicate balance, and a professional soil test is the best way to learn exactly what type of fertilizer is necessary. Timing is everything when it comes to effective lawn care fertilizer services. It’s best to fertilize during the times of the year when the grass is growing most rapidly. This varies by species, but our fertilizer service experts actively monitor our customers’ lawns and apply the correct mix of nutrients when your grass needs them most. Our local lawn fertilizer services provide thorough care, and we take the following steps to ensure lush lawns:

Step 1: Planning As soon as our customers sign up for professional lawn fertilizer services, we create a fertilization plan. It’s important to schedule out fertilizer applications well in advance. Step 2: Testing Every lawn is different, so we conduct soil tests to measure nutrient levels in a customer’s soil. These tests also account for factors such as acid levels and soil structure. In order to grow a lush lawn, it’s essential for us, as your local lawn fertilizer business, to understand the ground we are working with. Step 3: Applying Our fertilizer service team utilizes liquid fertilizers that evenly spread nutrients into soil. We calibrate our spreaders to distribute the fertilizer at the correct rate for your lawn. There are many factors to consider, including a lawn’s square footage, the type of fertilizer to apply and the time it will take to cover a lawn completely. We pay attention to every detail, and this is what makes the difference between a lawn that thrives and one that merely survives. Step 4: Monitoring Every time our team visits a customer’s home, we take the time to check in on the health of the lawn. Our experts understand how to measure a lawn’s progress throughout the growing season — if something is wrong, we will know about it. This is an integral service that comes with our lawn care fertilizer services. Step 5: Adjusting It pays to be flexible in lawn care, and our initial plans are never set in stone. If a customer’s soil is undergoing unexpected changes, we will quickly make adjustments to our fertilizer applications. Adjusting for changing circumstances is not a simple process, but as your trusted lawn fertilizer business, we actively work to preserve an ideal growing environment for your lawn.

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