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Lawn Treatment Service

Our lawn care experts treat your entire yard.

Get the best yard on the block with our complete services​

Why Chose A Lawn Treatment Service?

Weed Control

Our number one goal for your lawn is to get the weeds out! Most of our weed control applications contain fertilizer that your lawn’s roots will benefit from. And whenever we do fertilizer applications, we also spot-spray any weeds that we see in your lawn.

Lawn Pest Control

Many insects can destroy your lawn, find crevices to sneak inside your home, or even pose health risks. Don’t let your property become a living space for unwanted critters. From lawn pest control to outdoor mosquito and tick control to prevent bugs like ants and centipedes from invading your home.

Save Time & Money

Most DIY lawn treatments are expensive, time consuming and may not give you the results you're looking for. Having a professional treat your lawn. We are certified and have access to chemicals that do the job effectively, quickly and at a fraction of the cost as a DIY treatment.

Achieve A Beautiful Lawn This Summer

We take care of everything.

At VVLS, we understand you’re busy and might not have the time to wait around while we service your lawn, that’s why we don’t require you to be home when we perform your lawn’s applications.

All you have to do is simple book your service. 

It really is this simple.

VVLS lawn treatment program is a continuous service, just like a newspaper subscription, so there is no need to “renew” every year. But if you move or choose to hire your nephew to treat your lawn, please be sure to contact us so we can promptly stop your service.

With VVLS lawn treatment service you’ll have a weed-free yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. All you need to do is water and mow, and leave the rest to us!

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